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1:00 PM (Central time): It's been forever since we posted. I guess nothing really exciting has happened, but we've been having a great time. Elisabeth's birthday was great. We opened all the presents we had already received over the course of the day--she was just thrilled with everything. There was a football game (home game) that night, and her birthday was announced over the PA system. She didn't hear it, unfortunately. The announcer is a church member, and when he heard that she missed the announcement, he announced her birthday again this past Friday (it was another home game). She missed it again! He told her at church yesterday that he was going to keep announcing it until she hears it! She was pretty embarrassed about that!

She had a birthday party on the 15th at a roller skating rink. Everyone we invited came, which was nice. I think the kids had a great time. I actually put skates on, but the second I got off the carpet and onto the real floor, I realized that perhaps 40-year-olds shouldn't be roller skating. Randall skated and did really well though.

I think the most exciting thing that has happened in our household is that we got a new kitten! Well, the human occupants are excited about it, but our existing three cats are less than thrilled. We got the little kitten a few days before Elisabeth's birthday from the Clovis animal shelter. He was 6 weeks old, and he's just adorable and so friendly. He's black and white, and we named him Felix. He loves the girls, and he really wants to play with the other cats. We kept them separate until a few days ago, but now we pretty much let him go wherever he wants to. We still haven't taken a picture of him yet, but when we do, we'll try to remember to post it.

We're doing well. The girls seem happy at school, we're feeling very good about the church (and the people in the church seem to feel the same way about us), and I'm doing fine working long-distance. Thanks for continuing to check in with us! I'll try to post more often, even if we're not doing anything that seems very interesting....


Hello Partin family and Felix. I would also like to say hi to Wayne Wrench, my classmate from Midway High School, who says he reads the comment section and has been wondering who the Mrs. Fields with pink boots was. We had a wonderful 20th reunion. I really enjoyed it. I hope all the Partins are doing well, and Elisabeth, you just keep celebrating that birthday until you hear that announcement. Love to you all.