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11:45 am (Central time): Well, everyone seems to be happy and healthy in our household (I never did take Elisabeth to the doctor, since she was totally fine by the next morning). Well, maybe not happy all the time, because sometimes we're "mean" and don't let the girls have their way. Things are a little more hectic than normal, because our church is having a revival (guest preacher, special music--several nights in a row) that ends tonight. The person who is preaching is our former pastor (I started to say "old" but that didn't sound so good) from Albuquerque who used to be at a church over in Clovis. So he is seeing lots of familiar faces, and it's wonderful to connect with him again.

Randall is getting ready to head out on a week-long mission trip to Mexico on Sunday, so you can expect to see several posts from me about things I forgot or screwed up while he's gone. It's just a good thing he comes back to keep me straight!


I am so glad all of you are well now -- you just need to stay that way! I stay on the run from allergies and treasure the time when I outrun them! I am glad the revival is going well. All of you take care!
I love you -- Mom