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4:34 (Texas time) This is just a quick post to give everyone an update. We've been doing fine. The mission trip to Mexico went very well and was actually a time for rest and renewal for me. It sounds as if Susan survived without me for the week. Turnabout is fair play, I suppose, as she will be leaving this week for a conference in Atlanta, GA. The girls are doing very well. We just got their report cards yesterday for the second grading period and Elisabeth and Sophie are doing great. There are some things that Elisabeth is struggling with (a little) maybe because of the change in school systems (not that we're unhappy with her teachers in North Carolina--hi, Amy!). Sophie is having some minor struggles of her own, but mostly, for both of them, I think it's just a matter of concentrating and taking their time. Honestly, both girls are doing great in school, and we're pleased with where they are.

Sophie goes in to the doctor on Monday for another check-up. One more month and she'll be done with her weekly antibiotic treatment and we will cross the first major hurdle post-treatment. All is well with her, but we've been working on some behavioral issues. Basically, the issue is that when Sophie is tired or cranky, every little thing is a major catastrophe. After a while, when there has been a series of otherwise minor issues that Sophie has turned into an international crisis, we're just fed up with all the dramatics.

Mostly, I think it's not Sophie's fault. Susan and I are both *very* sensitive to Sophie when she's upset because we have been trained to be that way. But, we all need to be "un-trained," at least a little bit. In calmer moments, I've tried to reason with Sophie and explain that however she's feeling is fine, she just needs to express her anger/frustration/sadness/disappointment in ways that don't make it seem as if she's getting a dressing change (remember that trauma?). We're working on it, I guess, but when she's tired (or when we're tired), it's not an easy thing to stay on top of. She is an interesting child, though. I'm beginning to believe that we will always be trying to figure her out. Elisabeth is so much like me, I can read her pretty well. Sophie is her own person, so she is frequently a mystery. Mostly a fun, interesting mystery, but sometimes a frustrating mystery too!


Atlanta, I wish I had known ...

The dramatics remind me of Chloe...so different from Camille. Not to minimize what Sophie has been through, of course!

Happy Thanksgiving!