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10:00 AM (central time): Happy New Year (almost)! We have had a good holiday. Randall's mom Karin was here visiting us and stayed for a week. She really seemed to like our new home, town, and friends. She got to hear her son preach--twice! It was a pretty low-key day on Christmas. We had to wake Sophie up, but Elisabeth was definitely up early. We took our time opening gifts, and ate quite well. Breakfast casserole in the morning (a long-standing family tradition), tamales in the afternoon (a New Mexico tradition we are happy to be observing again), and ham and vegetables for dinner (no tradition--it just sounded good).

When I asked Sophie what her favorite gift was, she said it was the jelly beans from her stocking. When I exclaimed, "What??" She said, "I'm just kidding!" and then said it was the magic wand my mom gave her (it's a very fancy bubble wand that has metal shaped into a star with curlicues, and colored marbles). She's pretty happy with the fancy baby doll Santa gave her, but she's having a hard time interacting with it.

Elisabeth got lots of books, which made her happy, and she has spent a lot of time since then reading. Randall and I got a lot of books too, and I can't wait to read them! Having some time off from work has given me some time to read and relax. It's been hard to get back to work today (which would be why I'm avoiding working and writing this blog post instead!). Thankfully, I'll have tomorrow off, so I can't be too depressed about going back to work. At least I'm not facing a whole week.

Sophie will have her monthly check-up in Lubbock a week from today. We haven't heard anything from the doctor who did the cognitive testing. I gues we'll call him this week if we don't hear anything.


Happy New Year to all of you!! Sounds as if you had a wonderful holiday season as we did. Having the much needed time off of work and just being with family was great! Hope all is well with Sophie's check up. Can't get any better than a good book to read!! Love and prayers Deanna

Glad to hear that your holidays went well! Wishing you all the best in the coming year. As far as the cognitive testing and supposed delays....I don't know that I'd worry too much about that right now (based solely on my eyeballing her several months ago). I have a lot of experience conducting cognitive evaluations of children, so if you'd like, I'd be happy to look over the report and give you feedback on the evaluation that was done and the conclusions they reached. At any rate, she is young enough that she will likely be able to catch up and overcome any of the negative effects, so definitely don't worry.