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4:47 pm (Texas time)

Here is the long-promised picture of Sophie with her toothless grin:


Here is a picture of both girls last Sunday at our Easter Service:


We are all doing well--busy, as we've been saying for some time now! Week after next we'll be taking Sophie back to Lubbock for another monthly check-up. We will also be taking Sophie (and Lizzy) to the dentist, although I'm not sure what the dentist will be able to do with Sophie!

Thanks for being patient on these picture uploads. I hope you enjoyed them!


I loved the pictures. What beautiful girls we have!

Happy times to all of you. I love you -- Grammy

Beautiful models in your pictures. Sophie, you look soooo grown up and Lizzie you are grown up. What pretty Easter dresses and you both have beautiful hair. We miss seeing you and having you in church with us. Sophie, Lizzie, do you still sit with different people each week in church? We love you and think of you often. love ms frankie

Wow, God sure blessed you with two beautiful babies. And may He continue to be with Sophie and all of you as a family. I have been blessed to have you come into my life Susan. Your strength is a huge encouragement for me.
Love and blessings,