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9:00 AM (Central time): We all survived this last weekend. Randall had a good trip to Western NM/eastern AZ and visited with our good friend Greg, and it was a very good meeting with some of his colleagues in ministry. My Walk to Emmaus was a really good experience, in ways I couldn't have imagined. I feel reassured and unsettled, all at the same time, and I'm finding it very hard to get motivated about work (which is why I'm writing this entry in the middle of a workday morning). I know I'll work though it, but it's a weird time for me.

We came home to find Sophie had been sick with a fever most of the weekend. When we took her to the doctor on Monday, it turned out that she had strep, so we started her on antibiotics and she stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday. Between her illness and the snowstorm we experienced Sunday night, we couldn't get her to Lubbock for the her monthly tests. She'll go on Friday instead.

Elisabeth has her "TAKS" test in writing today. She is so excited! I'll be curious to hear how she feels about it this afternoon. She's a smart cookie.

I haven't said it in a while, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate the fact that our friends and family (and people we don't even know!) read this blog and are with us in spirit. It really touches me to know that people care about us, think about us, and pray for us--even now, when everything seems to be back to normal. Every now and then we recall the early days of Sophie's diagnosis and treatment and go back to that dark place when everything was so scary; it is really good to know that we are not alone through this journey. Thank you for being with us.


Susan and crew
It's wonderful that you were able to particpate in the Walk to Emmaus.
As a reader of the blog - I'm grateful that you've kept us up to date.
How is Greg doing?