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10:37 am (TX time) We finally have some pictures to upload of our newest addition to the family (Butterscotch). Here's one of Butters with Sophie in the back yard and a couple that Lizzy took of Butters by herself:

You can see Butters' shaved leg (and a little of her scar) in this image.



We're all doing well. The recital this weekend was terrific (and lasted just under an hour!). We were so proud with how the girls danced. They sure did enjoy ballet this year. Elisabeth even got a little teary at the end of the program when all the girls got bouquets and the announcer read what each girl said was their favorite part of dancing this year (Sophie's was the jumping, Elisabeth's was the "gracefulness"--pretty much says it all, don't you think?). We have some images from the ballet class that one of the parents did (many of them are just terrific), so I guess if I say we'll try to get them up, then I'm on the hook to get it done, right? Anyway, as always, thanks for keeping up with our family!


Hey! Thanks for posting pictures of our new family member. She really is cute, even looks like she is smiling. Sophie also looks so cute. Have a good week!

I forgot to say hugs and kisses to all!

Those pictures or what I could see of them visually were really sweet! Butterscotch looks so cute! And so does Soph! I really enjoy reading about your Ohana, family and I pray for you guys every night.
God loves you

I'm sorry. i forgot one thing. That dance recital sounded like it was a lot of fun! As a kid, I was more into piano playing and singing, but I do remember performing in a few concerts for the choir in school. They were always a lot of fun.
I hope to read more from you guys soon.
Always in my prayers,