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8:30 AM (Central time): Yesterday was a big day! It was Sophie's 6th birthday and her kindergarten graduation ceremony. Two big milestones, and I couldn't help but think back to 3 years ago, when we couldn't even think about looking forward to such events, for fear that they wouldn't happen. But there she was up on the stage, all smiles! I think she had a wonderful day. It started with gifts, of course. She woke up on her own (that only seems to happen on Saturdays--the one day we CAN sleep in) and was so excited. At school, everyone knew it was her birthday, so she got lots of attention, and a couple from the church had a balloon and candy package delivered to Sophie at school. I wasn't there to see her reaction when it arrived, but I know she was thrilled. After school, she played with her gifts, and last night after choir practice, we took her out to dinner with friends from church. She got a birthday dessert, but the waiter just said "Happy Birthday" when he brought it to her. He said they don't sing anything at this restaurant, which made both girls happy. Neither of them had to hide under the table!

We took pictures at graduation (well, Randall did), so we'll try to get them uploaded soon.


It is so heartening to read about all of the milestones Sophie has reached and about all that she is doing. I smile every time I read a post with such happy reports. Yay, Sophie! :)