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I don't think we mentioned it, but Randall and I are on a mission trip in Costa Rica this week with the youth group from our church. We are working with a mission project that is part of the Methodist Church in Costa Rica, and some friends of Randall's from when they were at seminary at Duke are missionaries here. They have a web page if you want to learn more about what they are doing here: http://fairclothcostarica.com/.

We've been working on the building where the people stay when they are attending seminary or working on various mission projects. Much of our work this week has involved painting, painting, and more painting.

It's so beautiful here. We're in San Jose, which is the capital, so it's pretty urban. It's kind of tropical here, though not hot, and the whole city is surrounded by mountains. It rains every afternoon, sometimes very hard, so we save our indoor work for later in the day.

We're having a wonderful trip. We're working very hard and reconnecting with old friends. In addition to Will and Ella (our missionary friends), we are also spending time with our friend Dan and his daughter Maggie, who is 14. Dan and his wife Cindy were among our best friends when we lived in Colorado. Since we flew out of Denver for our direct flight into San Jose, Cindy took the girls and is watching them for the work along with their other daughter Myles, who is 5 years old.

Tomorrow, we're going to go to a local church and help feed lunch to some local kids (we haven't connected very much with the locals). We'll also do some souvenir shopping while we have the bus rented. On Saturday, we have the day off and will be taking a canopy tour. We fly home early Sunday morning and will make the long drive back to Texas.