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12:17 AM (Central time): Just a quick update (because it's late, and I'm tired!). Randall is out of town at annual conference for the church. He's up at Glorieta until Friday (that's north of Santa Fe). As always, I'm staying up much later than normal--trying in vain to catch up on work.

Sophie had her monthly visit with the oncologist on Monday. Her counts looked great, and she also had an echocardiogram to check for any damage to hear her heart from the chemotherapy she took. He said her heart looked perfect. What a relief! She'll have another echo in 5 years. That visit marks the one year anniversary of the completion of treatment, so now we'll be going in for checks every two months for the next year. What a milestone!

Both girls have finished school (last Friday). At the awards ceremony, Elisabeth racked just about every possible award they handed out. She got perfect attendance, honor roll for the year, and had the highest GPA in her class. She's excited about moving on to fifth grade next year. They don't really do grades in kindergarten, and Sophie had 8 absences (because of those pesky oncology visits), so she certainly didn't have perfect attendance, but we're pleased to say she did well in kindergarten and is being promoted to first grade.

The girls are going to a summer program at a Methodist church in Clovis. It's full-day (which is wonderful for me to be able to get church done). They were in the same program last year and have really been looking forward to it. Making that trip twice a day every day is a drag (especially with these gas prices), but it's great having so much work time during the day.


Wow! I can't believe it is already a year since Sophie finished treatment, and almost a year since your move. It's amazing how time flies. Wonderful news about the girls' progress in school, and I'm glad to hear that they are all set for a good summer program. How great to hear that Sophie's health is good and that there is no heart damage. I'll keep her and all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm doing well so far in my pregnancy, and my sonogram yesterday indicates that it is a girl! :) Best wishes, Heidi

Great News-
Congratulations to Elisabeth and Sophie for doing so well in school.

What a blessing to realize it's been a year since Sophie's last treatments and all of the good news you've received regarding her health this year!
Love Jean & boys