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10:53 (Central time): We have been busy and happy! Lizzy has been at a camp all week, and we have really missed her (she comes home tonight). Although, honestly, I don't know that Sophie has missed Elisabeth very much at all. There has been no one to boss her around or bicker with.

On Wednesday night, we drove over to Albuquerque so that Randall could do some psychological testing that's required as part of the ordination process. I decided I could miss a day of work and go play while he was at his appointment. We stayed with our friends Barbara and Jeremy, and Sophie played with their kids (they have a sitter during the day) while I spent some much-needed time on my own. We had lunch with friends who went to seminary with Randall and had dinner with Barbara's dad and mom (who was celebrating a birthday). Before we knew it, it was time to head back home and we got in after 11:00. It was a nice little mid-week break that reminded us of all the reasons we love Albuquerque. It's nice to be home though!

Our latest obsession (other than facebook) is that we're planning a trip to Disney World right after Christmas. I spent much of the drive to and from Albuquerque reading out loud from a really good guidebook. It's still months away, but we are really looking forward to it!