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9:30 AM (Central time): Things have been going well with us--nothing major to report! Here it is Monday, and I would say we had a satisfying weekend. Friday night we had decided we were going to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, but when Randall found out it wasn't in 3D in Clovis (*huge* surprise), we decided to go see it in Lubbock instead. But then we fund out it's not in 3D in Lubbock either, so we didn't see it at all.

Saturday was kind of a lazy day and we met our new friends (he's a pastor in a town about 30 minutes away, and they have 3 kids younger than ours!) for dinner at a new Thai restaurant and then went to one of the contemporary worship services in Clovis. Our two families have been attending worship at this church three times now--it's nice to hear good contemporary worship music, and it's nice to worship together as a family (since Randall's usually preaching, we don't get to sit together). We're really enjoying getting to know these new friends better, and our kids all play together nicely.

Sunday, of course, was filled with church stuff. The service was good. Randall is finishing up a five-week series based on a book called Outflow, and I think we're all fired up to do loving things around our community. I completed my last of five weeks teaching *all* of the kids Sunday School (preschool through upper elementary--whew!). There was a wedding shower in the afternoon, and then we had dinner and a movie at church. It was Evan Almighty. What a fun movie that was!

Getting the girls going this morning was amazingly difficult (and I stubbed my little pinkie toe!). But now Randall has taken them to day camp, and I have the house to myself as I try to get back into work.

Medically, everything is going great. Sophie got to skip July for her checkup and her next appointment is the first week in August. The girls both have dental appointments on Wednesday this week. Sophie will be getting several small fillings, and Elisabeth has her first consultation with the orthodontist. I'm looking forward to hearing the results of that visit!


It's nice to hear what is going on! Sounds like a great summer weekend.
I love you--Mom