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3:37 PM (TX time) It's hard to believe that our "staycation" is nearly over. Susan and I have both had a difficult time staying away from work. It's hard to still be in town, at home, have access to the computer and not be tempted to get stuff done (particularly when there is so much to get done!).

We went to Lubbock on Tuesday and spent the night there. Lizzy had an orthodontist appointment at Double T Smiles. It was her first "real" appointment after a consult last month. Lizzy got spacers to create room around her molars for the equipment she'll get next week. She will be getting expanders for both her upper and lower jaws, which will hopefully help with crowding issues and give her more room for the rest of her teeth. She'll also get four braces on the top four teeth. She's very excited and just a little bit anxious about the whole thing. Another girl from church that's her age just got braces, too, so I guess it's that time!

Anyway, while we were in Lubbock, we went to Joyland and had a great time. Sophie even went on one of the "big" rides that went fast and spun around. I was surprised. Lizzy is such a daredevil when it comes to amusement parks, and Sophie is the exact opposite! She ended up riding that one ride three times, though, and proudly kept her eyes open the second two times (and let go of the bar both times as well).

The next day, we spent the whole day at Science Spectrum. Both girls really enoyed that, and we had fun with all of the interactive displays. We came back home late last night and are having another lazy day at the house. We went to Clovis to have lunch and pick up the dog (we had her boarded for a couple nights) and got some laundry done. Susan has been putting out a fire at work and I've been reading (and making a list of things to do for when I do decide to get some work done). I may need to work twice as hard next week to make up for this time off!


You guys are so smart -- doing a staycation. Hopefully your list will work the same way for you they do for me. Once I write an item on the list, I no longer worry about it. It will get acomplished as I work down the list!
The girls sound like they're doing great--
Hope to see you soon,
Love Jean