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8/8/08 (how cool is that?)

6:27pm (TX time) Sophie and Lizzy are spending the night at a friend's house, so Susan and I are being total at-home workaholic geeks and not doing anything special. Actually, we're hoping to get enough stuff done so that our "stay-cation" next week will be just that and we won't be on the hook to get too much work done Monday-Friday.

Just a quick post to share something funny Sophie said last night at dinner. After we had been pestered with flies for a while and had all expressed our frustration with the fly situation, Sophie chimed up, "You know what I hate the most? Flies. Flies, and cancer." As matter-of-fact as she can be. That's it. What Sophie hates the most is flies (and cancer).


Well, I think Sophie put that bad cancer in its place...and the flies too! She can be the funniest little girl. Have a good weekend and staycation.

I love you!

I am not really anonymous. I think maybe the computer lost my name while it was sick. The above is from me.