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9:51pm Funny (and touching) story from Sophie today. We had made plans (for some time now) to fly the whole family to Dallas for a shopping trip at the American Girl Bistro to celebrate Lizzy's birthday. She had been looking forward to it for a long time and, as you can probably tell from the tone of my words, we didn't go.

Hurricane Ike is supposed to make its way through the Dallas area tomorrow right when we're there and trying to find our way home. So, we postponed the trip. Elisabeth was crushed, and the rest of us were very disappointed, but because of the weather, we were able to rearrange everything (including the flight, hotel, and reservations at American Girl Bistro for lunch) for next weekend with no problems.

As Lizzy was crying and crying and crying, Sophie went looking for Susan's "Panic Button": a toy button with a sound chip that says, "Stay calm, stay calm, don't panic; on second thought, PANIC!" It's very funny and we have all enjoyed it these past few months. It didn't help Lizzy much, but Sophie clearly was trying to cheer her sister up and really wanted to make things better. I know it's hard to tell some times, but those two girls really, really love each other!


I'm so sorry Lizzy had to postpone her birthday trip. I still enjoy the fat that the boys like each other. You guys witnesses the times when they nearly couldn't be in the same room together. Now they're writing and producing videos together. God's amazing grace!
Happy Birthday to Lizzy.