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11:41 AM (Central time): Looks like it might be time for a new update. Our page was blank! All goes well with us. Randall and I have been traveling more than we like, but I think that will calm down soon. I got in from a trip last night, and Randall left the same morning. Our cars briefly co-existed in the airport parking lot, even if we personally didn't get to share the same space.

The girls are doing well and are excited about Halloween. We finally got our decorations out last weekend, and we have costumes ready to go. Elisabeth is going to be a witch (her own idea, and she came up with all the props so that all we had to buy was a hat). Sophie will be Lizzy's black cat. We got her a headband with ears and a tail to attach to black clothes. I hope it won't be too cold outside. It always seems to be especially chilly on Halloween night.

I have been having some back pain, and am starting to learn some possible causes. They have discovered through an x-ray that I have scoliosis (an odd thing to have diagnosed for the first time at my advanced age), and there is some associated narrowing and degeneration that is likely causing the pain. I will see a physical therapist next week, and will visit with a neoruologist whenever they can find me an opening. Meanwhile, I have never had a baseline mammogram, so I will have one next week, and I'm also having a follow-up CT scan to check on some spots on my lung and liver that showed up in a scan from last year (when they hadn't yet figured out that my chest pain was not a heart attack or an embolism but turned out to be pleurisy). So I will be spending a lot of time in medical appointments next week.


Susan - that's quite a list.
Hope the girls had fun on Halloween. We did not get snow that evening for the first time in what seems like years.
Take care and know we're thinking about you.

All of us from Countryside wanted to see how you all were doing. We think about Sophie often....especially today!! Please tell Sophie that we haven't forgotten about her! Sophie has had such a profound impact on our lives. We send lots of loves and kisses for her!!

Hope to hear from you guys sometime!!

Love, Ginger and Countryside Staff

I keep track quite often but there hasn't been anything posted for awhile. Please give us a quick update so we know all is well. Hope your holiday season is going well. Much love Miss Dawn