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8:30 AM (Central time): Well, it's Monday morning, and I'm just ready to face work yet. Randall left this morning to drive to Las Cruces for a meeting with some other pastors. He comes back late tomorrow. Lizzy cried when he left (she is *so* tender-hearted). The girls and I had a very relaxed morning until I realize that the reason it seemed like we had so much time is that my watch had stopped. Yikes! Luckily, we were ready to go, and it was only 8:01, so they weren't late. But I think I need to go shop for a battery.

We had quite a bit of snow on Friday, so they cancelled school. The girls were home, and Randall stayed home too. It was so hard to motivate myself to work, but I did manage to get quite a lot done, and I feel like I'm in good shape today (which is partly why I'm piddling around now instead of working!).

The weekend was absolutely filled with church activities. We had a clean-up day most of the day on Saturday, and it was very satisfying to have so many people and getting so much accomplished. Then we were lucky enough to have both girls spend the night with one of Sophie's friends (who had spent the night with us the night before), so we had a quiet house to ourselves and were able to get ready for church in total peace. We had a great worship service at church on Sunday. Attendance was good, so everything just felt very vibrant. We had lunch with three other families, went to a wedding shower, then Bible study, out to dinner again, and then home to get those girls in bed. They went right to sleep (wonderful!).

Update from our last post: Sophie is over her illness. Lizzy brought home a progress report that did *not* have straight A's, so our excitement over the last report card was short-lived. Maybe it's just fifth grade? Ugh.