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9:30 PM (CDT): So it's spring break here for our kids, which has been nice. Randall's sister Sabine is visiting. She and I had a little weekend trip for just the two of us in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and she drove back with me Monday night. She's been hanging out with the kids during the day while Randall and I try to work (wishing we were hanging out with her too), then we talk the night away. Unfortunately, she heads home tomorrow, and we will really miss her.

Sophie came down with a pretty yucky cold over the weekend. Today when she said her throat hurt and she might have strep (which is going around), we decided we had better send her to the doctor. Sabine took her, and Sophie has an ear infection and sinus infection. She is on antibiotics, a high-powered cough syrup, and a nebulizer. Poor kid. I hope it gets better soon. She seems pretty miserable, but at least she's not missing school.

Other than that we're all doing well. Lizzy now has glasses (in addition to braces--she's getting to be an expensive kid!), and both girls got straight A's (finally!) during the last grading period. Randall is being ordained in June (have we reported that on here yet?), so we're excited about that.

We are very thankful for our friends and family who continue to keep up with us and pray for us. Come join facebook.com if you are hankering for more frequent updates. We're both on facebook nearly every day, and it's a great way to reconnect and catch up with people!


Hey Everyone - it is so great to hear the girls are doing so good. Ms. Frankie told me about the website. Congratulations girls on the great grades and all the hard work and congratulations on Randall being ordained - and Susan for hanging in there. The family misses you all lots. Margie and Jerry