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April 06, 2009


9:52 pm (TX time) Just a quick update to post that Sophie had a doctor's visit today that went very well. I confess that when Sophie was a little under the weather a week or two ago, I began to worry--she had a sinus infection, an ear infection, and a sore throat. She seemed pretty run down and tired for a couple days at a stretch. I was thankful that we were within a week or so of a doctor's visit to check on her counts. Of course, she perked right back up and her counts came back perfect today. She's strong and growing and doing very, very well. I took some pleasure in knowing that her next appointment won't be until June, when we'll move to seeing the doctor every three months. Hard to believe we have come this far already!

Lizzy is doing well too--she's losing teeth at what seems to be breakneck speed (two in the last week). The latest came out during worship on Sunday. No comment from her preacher father.

Thanks for checking in!