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June 01, 2009


5:45 Central time: Well, it's been two years since Sophie's last treatment, and she is officially still cancer-free! She had her every-other-month checkup today, and the blood test came back with perfect results. We knew she was fine, of course, but it's nice to have the proof! Randall and I both took her, and it was nice having some time together. I managed to get work done on the way there and back while Randall drove. We get satellite radio recently, so that make the 100 mile trip more interesting! The pediatric oncology clinic moved to a different hospital building (Covenant Lakeside, for those familiar with Lubbock), so it was a bit of an adventure finding the new office, but we were only a few minutes late, and the exam room had a lovely view of the lake. Now that we're this far out from treatment, she only has to go back every three months, so that will be nice.

The girls are both doing well. The last day of school was Friday, and today they started summer camp (a day camp at First UMC in Clovis). Sophie didn't get to stay because of the doctor visit but was happy to recognize a friend from last year when we dropped Lizzy off.

Our other big news--huge milestone--is that Randall will be ordained in the United Methodist Church Friday night. He began exploring a call to ministry 13 years ago, and it was exactly 7 years ago that we moved to North Carolina with a 3 year0old and 2-month old so that Randall could go to seminary at Duke. Four more years of school and two churches later, here we are! After he is ordained we will stay at this church as long as they will let us, and I think the only difference anyone will see is that he gets to wear a stole with his robe now! I'm sure there are other important things that will change, but that's probably the most visible! I can't wait for the ceremony Friday night--several family and friends will be there to celebrate with us!

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