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6:00 PM Central time: It has been too long since our last update. The page was blank again! Now that we are only going to the oncologist every 3 months, there isn't too much to report. But perhaps you are wanting to know how things are in our normal lives.

Well, it's the summer, so the girls are in a day camp every day. They're actually out of the house more in the summer than they are in the school year! They are also both taking tennis lessons this summer (twice a week for 30 minutes each). Lizzy is at church camp up in the mountains this week, so Sophie is enjoying some increased attention from us (which is mostly a good thing, but not always, right?).

Here are some dance pictures of the girls (I think this will work):



I hope everyone is having a great summer!


Hi Susan! Aloha! It's Lauren. You may not remember me, but I e-mailed you a few months to a year ago telling you how much Sophie's story moved me and how happy I was that she's doing so well. I also recommended some stories I've written for Elisabeth. In case you didn’t get a chance to read the e-mail, I’ll explain a little more.

I found Sophie’s blog about two years ago. I started reading it and I couldn’t stop. I knew God had led me to it. My faith has gotten me through some very difficult times in my life. I was born early and as a result, my retinas were destroyed, leaving me almost blind. I view it as a blessing from God. I might not be able to see with my eyes, but I see with my heart and it’s the best source of sight God could have given me. I Thank Him for that gift every day.

Another gift He’s blessed me with is writing. I love writing and I use it to inspire others and most importantly, to bring glory to God. I write stories on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com. I’ve also written three books and one of them is published. The first one is called Finding Her Courage. You can buy it on amazon.com. I try to inspire everyone I come across. I turn my disability into an ability by teaching others about it. I love children and I enjoy sharing the message of God’s love with them. There’s nothing that brings me greater joy than when I’m helping someone or making their day a little brighter.

I just read your latest blog entry and I'm so glad Sophie is doing so great! I hope the girls have a terrific summer! I also hope to hear from you soon, but take your time. Feel free to check out my homepage. It's full of a lot of neat things and you can even buy my first book on it. I've written three books and the first one is out.
I hope to hear from you soon, but take your time
God bless,

Miss your updates--tried facebook you answered once but lost the return answer. Tried again but no answer from you this time!