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September 03, 2009


8:00 Central time: Hello everyone! Sophie had her oncology checkup earlier this week, and everything looked great. I didn't get to go with her because I had a work meeting I couldn't miss, but Randall said there were no problems. Always a relief!

The girls are in their second week of school--Lizzy in 6th grade and Sophie in 2nd. They both like school a lot and were eager to get back. Lizzy has already had three teachers tell her she needs to be more organized. Sigh. She doesn't get that from us, so it either comes from an earlier generation, or she's already rebelling against her parents' nature!

Lizzy began playing clarinet this week. Band is mandatory for 6th grade (which I think is great). She wanted to play mallets, but apparently about 20 kids wanted to play, and she didn't do as well in the tryouts (rhythmically speaking) as some others. The director told Lizzy he was low on clarinets this year, and when he heard that she already had one at home (Randall used to play), he encouraged her to choose that. (I was hoping for the tuba, of course!) She's practicing as I type! Both girls will also start piano lessons next week. It will be Sophie's first time with formal music lessons, so we're excited about that!

Otherwise all is well. Thanks for checking in with us!