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January 02, 2010


10:00 AM CST: Happy New Year! We have had a wonderful holiday and hope the same for you. Randall's mom Karin visited us during Christmas, and it was so great having her here. The 24th was a busy say for Randall, since he was preparing a worship service for that night, but we tried to celebrate his birthday as well. Christmas day was wonderful. Sleeping in (a little bit!), opening gifts, and just having a relaxed day. We tried to make a pot roast, but it was a little dry. I ended up dicing it and cooking the living daylights out of it until it was much more tender and made a green chile stew out of it.

Karin went home on Monday, and we've had a lazy week. Have gotten some work done, but mostly have spent lots of time together, doing things around the house and waiting for the snow to melt so we can ride our new bikes.

On New Year's Eve, we let the girls stay up until midnight (east coast time!). The girls finally got to ride their bikes for a little while yesterday, but we haven't taken ours out yet.

My mom comes to visit on the 15th, so we're going to leave the tree up so she can see it (we invested in a nice artificial one a few years back, so don't worry about us burning the house down!).

All is well with us health-wise. Sophie and I both got glasses (she picked hers up several weeks ago, and mine are ready to be picked up next week). Here's a picture of her wearing her new glasses. I've been having hip pain for several years (when walking extended distances), and I finally got an MRI. Turns out I have some kind of a cyst that may be causing the pain, so I'm arranging an appointment with an orthopedist. Randall and Lizzy are doing well, as always. Hope you are too!

January 19, 2010


4:30 CST: This is Lizzy. Sophie is fine; she is "working on her DS". (Translation from Susan: Sophie is playing a game on her Nintendo DS.) Butters (Translation from Susan: our dog Butterscotch) is being sweet. So are the cats (Update from Susan: We have three cats now!).

Grammy (Susan's mom) is here, and Sophie and her are going to make deviled eggs. I am about to go to dance class.

We have gotten all A's this semester, so we are doing fine. I think she is very smart. Daddy is resting his eyes, mama is working, and I am worrying about a big project that's due on Friday.