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November 14, 2010


8:45 PM Mountain time: It's been a long time since I've done an update, so I thought I'd write a little bit to get rid of that big blank page that happens when we wait too long.

Last month, I (Susan) traveled to Virginia to visit mom, get her packed up, and move her out here to New Mexico to live with us. I was coming out to North Carolina for a work trip, so I took advantage of the plane ticket to get everything arranged. It was whirlwind trip, and we had TONS of help from good friends. We got suitcases packed to bring with us (and got a fancy new carrying case for her cat), packed six boxes to mail, and packed countless other boxes to put in one room of her house to eventually have shipped out here. Everything else will go to a company that handles estates and will make a bid on all the contents. We'll sell the house (something I am finding hard to do, emotionally), and then the transition will be complete.

Mom is doing well out here. She seems to be happy being part of our household, and she is making progress with walking (she can take some steps without the walker but always has it with her). I found a good doctor's office, and we are getting lined up for tests, specialists, and regular checkups. She continues to lose weight, and she is eating just to right to manage her diabetes. Randall and I are loving being able to just go out to eat on our own without lining up a sitter, and we are all learning how to give each other space.

Things are going well with getting adjusted here in Las Cruces. We are very busy, especially with this time of year, but we are together, and we are managing just fine. Thanks for checking in on us!