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General Information:

The images at this web site are a collection of religious (mostly Christian) and United Methodist (UM) images. The images have been collected since early 1995. We have created none of the images in this archive - they are simply a convenient collection of lots of popular images we've discovered and received over the years.

Use of Images in the Archive:

To the best of our knowledge, these images are available for personal use, and may be freely downloaded for non-commercial purposes. No attributions or return links are required for any images in this archive (you are certainly welcome to include attributions and links if you'd like to, though!).

If you are looking for images for commercial use, it would probably be safer to purchase a CD-ROM containing either public domain images or granting license for use on commercial web sites and publications.

These images should not be distributed as part of another archive without permission, and they should not be included as part of any for-sale collection.

Submissions and Attributions:

If we have listed an image that is your original work, please send e-mail. We would like to give credits and attributions for original artwork and/or provide information or requirements for individuals who would like to use these images. We will also remove the image from the archive if that is your preference.

United Methodist Information:

If you are looking specifically for United Methodist Images, you should be sure to check the official United Methodist Icon and Image Archive. They have, with my permission, copied all the images I list here and added even more.

Note: Regarding the use of the United Methodist "Cross and Flame" Logo

From the United Methodist 1992 Book of Discipline:

Responsibilities - Specific responsibilities of the General Commission on Communications and its staff are as follows:
. . . . (16) It shall supervise the use of the official insignia of The United Methodist Church and preserve the integrity of its design. It shall maintain appropriate registration to protect the insignia in behalf of The United Methodist Church. The insignia may be used by any official agency of the Church, including local churches, to identify the work, program, and materials of The United Methodist Church. Any commercial use of the design must be explicitly authorized by an appropriate officer of this agency. (paragraph 1906)

The general practice at this point seems to be that use of the "Cross and Flame" logo on church web pages falls under the practice of "(use) by any official agency of the Church, including local churches, to identify the work, program, and materials of The United Methodist Church." and does not fall into the category of commercial use.

Historic Note:

For over two years, this archive was set up so that visitors could view each image on our site and decide which ones to download. We stipulated that these images should be downloaded and not linked directly. It became clear to us that people were blatantly ignoring this request. The extra bandwidth required to support these freeloaders became prohibitive and now the images are only available via Zip files. You now must download the zip files in order to view the images. More information about this form of bandwidth-stealing and how to download images is available at our information site)

Other archives still allow visitors to view inline images. If you visit them and decide to use the images they are nice enough to provide for free, please do not abuse the privilege. At the rate this problem is increasing, it won't be long before all archives completely shut down. The moral of the story is: If you use images from a free archive, do not link directly to the images on the archive's server - not even one little image. Download all images - and make sure you have the author's permission.

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