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Monday (2/21/05)

7:00 PM: Sophie had a successful blood draw this morning. She was happy to see Carole and showed off her "tail." She only fussed a little bit when Carole drew the blood. The blood results were interesting. Her neutrophil count is still very low (.25), and her hemoglobin is about the same, but her platelet count is really good--within the normal range. I'm sure we'll hear more details tomorrow. She's had a good day home with Daddy and took a nap today. Randall is giving her a bath right now, and she's very unhappy about it. She's running a bit of a temperature but not high enough to call the doctor. We're looking forward to hearing the results of the bone marrow test they'll do in the morning. They'll also give her chemo and do a spinal tap with chemo.