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Monday (2/7/05)

We had a tough night around here. Sophie did pretty well. We had her normal midnight-snacking demands (she was up about 3 times for a diaper change and snack). Unfortunately, both Randall and Karin got some sort of serious stomach bug and were violently throwing up most of the night. My mom got sick like that the day she got home from visiting us. I don't know if this is the same thing or not. Randall and Karin didn't eat any of the same foods yesterday, and in fact, they were hardly in the same room at the same time. I'm thankful Elisabeth, Sophie, and I don't have it (yet), but if Sophie gets it, it could be incredibly dangerous, and she would probably have to be hospitalized.

Sophie's got a hectic schedule early this week, but then it calms down. Later this afternoon, I'll be driving her to UNC for a blood test (they need to see whether she needs any transfusions before tomorrow's procedure). Randall was supposed to go to class (finally) today and then was going to meet us at the clinic, but I doubt he'll be able to go. After clinic, Sophie and I will go to a friend's house to spend the night. She has an extra room with a queen bed and a daybed--perfect for us. We're supposed to be at the clinic on Tuesday at 7:00 (which is why we're spending the night). Assuming the anesthesiologist doesn't get pulled away, they'll try to schedule her first for her bone marrow biopsy (because she is on steroids and will be quite hungry after not eating all night). Then she'll get two types of chemo injected in her line. We should be able to go home right after.

Yesterday was her last day of steroids, so now all she takes is an anti-fungal medication, an antibiotic, zantac, and a diuretic (she had high blood pressure on Friday).