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Saturday PM (2/12/05)

8:30 PM: Sophie had another fever at 11:15 this morning, but she hasn't had another since (it's been creeping up though). Still no growth in the cultures. She's sleeping now, and the nurse said she'd hold off on giving her the evening medicines until 10:00 tonight so she can have a good rest. Our friend Ashley came by tonight and helped Susan give Sophie a bath. Sophie is pretty unhappy aboout any activity that exposes her chest catheter, so she cried through most of it, but then we took a walk down the hall (in her little pink push-car), so she was happy. She's been "capped off" (not hooked up to the IV) since about 5:30 and won't have to be hooked up again until 10:00, when they do the IV antibiotics. Other than the bath, she's been in a terrific mood.