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8:00 PM (Randall posting): Sophie had a great day again today. She enjoyed having Eileen visiting. Eileen let Sophie try on some of her jewelry and at one point she had a stack of rings all the way up her thumb. Sophie also got to wear a gold necklace all day today.

Our new Home Health Care nurse visited today and I think this will work out much, much better. To begin with, she lives in the area here (her daughter is in the first grade at Elisabeth's school). She also took a great deal of interest in Sophie, getting to know her and learning her protocol and current course of treatment. She also said that we can call the Home Health Care company for any reason or any question. They are already prepared to do the blood draws but she also said she is able to help out with dressing changes or treatments or anything else. Although we are managing pretty competently on our own, it's a great comfort to know that a willing and helpful professional is just a phone call away.

This afternoon Sophie and Elisabeth played outside (Sophie in her new cap made by our friend Beth Sanchez). After dinner, Susan and Elisabeth went to visit her friend Haley, who is doing very, very well and who was quite happy to have a friend come and break up her boredom! Haley's biopsy results should come back on Monday.