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7:43 PM (Randall posting): We all had a pretty good day today. Susan left early this morning for work and made record time thanks to little or no traffic. I'm sure that she is happy to be getting in some hours at work for a change. Elisabeth was home for Good Friday, so the girls watched a new Dora video that came in the mail yesterday (thanks to Heather and Steve). After that, Scooby Doo was on TV, so the girls watched that (Scooby Doo and the Loch Ness Monster). During our TV-fest, the UPS man came with two big packages and another, smaller one (Elisabeth spotted him on the road and ran yelling through the house, "The mail is here!"). The delivery was several things that we had ordered from American Girl (the girls had received a gift certificate from our friends Mark and Julie in Albuquerque). That took care of the rest of the morning. For lunch we ate at Cracker Barrel. I was feeling especially brave. After that the three of us went shopping for a few things. Sophie finally got to meet the pharmacist who has been working with us since Sophie's diagnosis. She continues to spread joy in lots of places! Then, when it felt like we might never get home, we did, and we all took a nap. This evening, Ms Dawn came to sit with the girls while Susan and I went to church for our Good Friday service. We just got home and popped the girls in the tub.

Healthwise, both girls seem to be doing fine. Elisabeth does not like wearing her splint or her boot, but I keep reminding her that sometimes there are consequences for making bad choices, and we leave things at that. Sophie is starting to bruise a little bit on her knees and shins (probably from dropping platelet count) and she seems to be increasingly tired. I'm certain that her counts will reflect all of this come Tuesday. Her hair is noticeably thin now. She is still the same generous, loving girl, though.


Wow, it sounds like you had an action packed day. I am glad you were able to take the girls out today. I am certain that the pharmacist was delighted to meet Sophie! Did she tell him that she wore gloves too while getting her chemo? One of the pictures I have of that is really great. I have been showing folks several of the pictures I took while with you.
I am sure that Elisabeth does not like wearing the boot. I am sure that it interferes with her dancing greatly! I agree that there are consequences for making bad choices, but I still feel badly that the incident occurred.
I know that dropping hematocrit and platelets are to be expected as well as hair loss, it still make me sad. I know that last week I could daily watch Sophie's energy drop and bruises begin. I am sure that the Lord has the situation well under control, but as a parent it must be hard to watch because I know how hard it is as a grandparent. It may be Friday, but praise the Lord Sunday is coming. I think it was E.B. Hill who used to say that when he preached. There are many days I take comfort in that and you may too.
I hope that all of you have a very Happy Easter. Enjoy all the things from American girl too. Love, Eileen

Glad everyone had a great day. It must seem nice to be able to get out and enjoy this warm weather and see the girls enjoy it too. It was great to hear from Haley's mom and the wonderful news from her test. It seems strange to know two families with children who have had such serious illnesses. What a small world. We know another family who had a child treated at UNC Childrens this year. He has come through with flying colors and is a typical teenager. We will continue to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers and hope the Easter Bunny hops to your house and leaves goodies. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.