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7:20 PM: We were both home with Sophie today, although Randall was gone for a few hours for a doctor's appointment in Durham. Right around the time Randall left, he noticed that our bird family (who we thought had left for good) was back with four babies, so now we know that all four eggs hatched successfully. We were also excited to see a Goodyear blimp in the sky. Sophie just thought it was an airplane, but we thought it was pretty cool.

Sophie did pretty well today. The unfortunate thing was that four days' worth of poop decided to come out just 15 minutes into her nap, multiple times. That meant no nap today, and we have seen the effects this evening. We're glad the constipation isn't a problem anymore (at least for today). I'm sure it will be back soon--she tended to be constipated before the diagnosis, and many of the medicines she is taking have constipation as a side-effect.

The girls are taking a bath together now, and we'll change Sophie's dressing afterwards. It's not due to be changed until Thursday, but it's peeling up a lot at the bottom, and there needs to be a good seal around the incision site. Given how much it has peeled, we're assuming a little Detachol will make it come off with very little discomfort, but she's so traumatized by the whole process in general, she'll probably get really upset whether it hurts or not. We shall see!