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5:30 PM (Randall posting): My mom already called once today wondering what was going on since we didn't post yesterday. I guess time got away from us. Susan was meeting with the women's group last night and I had my hands full with two girls (and no energy because of my final exam yesterday). Things are going just fine here. Potty training has been hit-and-miss, but that is the way these things go. We're committed to making this work, so we'll keep at it.

Sophie seems especially clingy and fussy today, although she has bursts of amazing energy every now and then. She slept fitfully during her nap (even moved mid-way to our bed). She says her stomach is bothering her. Her platelets must be getting quite low as well because her poor knees are black and blue. The way I see it we have to hold on for the next few days, until next Tuesday and her final treatment in this phase. What happens beyond that is too far out to contemplate or worry about much.

I made an appointment earlier in the day for Elisabeth's follow-up with the orthopedist. She is still wearing her splint (except when her parents are in a terrible hurry or in a terrible state of forgetfulness) and will need to wear it for at least two more weeks. Hopefully we'll be done with all of that very soon!


Hi, I too was concerned about all of you, but figured that if something was amiss that one of you would have let us know somehow. I do hope you are able to catch your breath a little bit now.
I know that Elisabeth will be happy when the splint can be left off permanently. I think for the present, it serves as a reminder to listen to your parents when they say something might hurt you.
I think that Sophie will be potty -trained soon. I know one of the afternoons that she and I were outside, she told me to go on the other side of the van that she had to pee. I offered to take her to the potty, but she declined. I think M&Ms are great reward for completing the assigned task of going to the potty. I also think it must be incredibly difficult to potty-train kids today because of the very absorbant diapers that exist today. In the "old days" a soggy diaper was a pretty good incentive to learn to pee in the potty, but that just doesn't happen very often these days.
Dad went for his check up after cataract surgery yesterday. The eye pressure was very elevated in the eye that had the lense implant yesterday. The doctor gave him yet another eye drop for the glaucoma in addition to the other three eye drops from yesterday. They will recheck it again in the morning. I do hope he is okay to drive because I had to come to work in Cumberland. I have asked the Lord to take care of the problem and believe that what I have asked has been done. He gets his right eye done on the 19th.
Take care. I do hope you are having some of the same sunshine that we have had in PA the past few days but only not the cold wind that went with it. Enjoy the beauty that God has given us in nature. Love, Eileen

I am glad that things are going okay. It is good to hear that Sophie has bursts of energy, even though she didn't nap well. I hope that Elisabeth's appointment at the orthopedist will go well. You are in my thoughts, and I hope that tonight will be a peaceful one for all of you.