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8:50 PM (Randall posting): And we thought yesterday was a long and tiring day! But here we are, and we have made it though today. All of our events for today seemed to go well--church, visit with Sophie's old daycare, wedding, and revival. It was exhausting, though.

Our big letdown of the day was that the Oldsmobile died on Susan as she was leaving for church this morning. Thank God Eileen was here and they all piled into her car and went to church. The absolute last thing we need in our lives right now is an unreliable car. Given how much we have sunk into this car already in the past few months ($2000), it is really getting frustrating. We're hoping it will be something relatively minor and all will be well soon.

Sophie continues to hold up well through everything, even if she gets tired more easily and is visibly pale these last couple of days. She is still her same old self. After revival tonight, someone on the front steps bent over and said "Hi" to Sophie as she was flitting about and Sophie stopped in her tracks and said, "Oh, HI!" like she was genuinely happy to see this person and hadn't seen her in a long time. She is one of a kind!


You guys needed roller skates this weekend , it sounds like you were rolling in and out of alot of places. You guys have so much going on in your lives right now ,I'm sure you are exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed. Makes mine seem so much more simple. Well we made it through the big paper that's due today after the laptop bombed out on us at 1:40 Sunday morning. Man, did I pray that we could recover our info, prayer answered, After church Sunday it started up and we didn't lose any. Hugs to Sophie and Elisabeth. Love and prayers Deanna Tew

Sophie is a very strong little girl. We had our praise and worship band to play before Sunday School on Sunday and I lifted Sophie's name up in prayer. Bryan Jackson, a member of the band, was really touched by it as it brought tears to his eyes as he spoke. I know the power of prayer and there are a lot being said for Sophie. We don't understand why things happen, all we can do it trust that the Lord has a purpose and he is in control. I know you're glad the weekend is over and you can get some much needed rest. Take care! Laura