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6/11/05 AM

9:15 AM (Susan posting): Elisabeth and I certainly had a good night's sleep. I can't say the same for Sophie and Randall, who just called. They had to check her blood with a finger prick at 2:00 and 6:00. For the one at 2:00, Randall was trying to help, but it was dark and he was disoriented, so they ended up getting blood everywhere. Her blood sugar level was fine (over 100) at 2:00, but it had started to fall (77) by 6:00, so they had Randall give her some cereal.

Randall saw Dr. Gold (our oncologist) this morning, and he said it's looking like afternoon for Sophie's release. The holdup is the endocrinologists, but Dr. GOld said he's staying on top of them to make sure things don't get delayed. They took Sophie off fluids this morning, so she will no longer be hampered by an IV pole. That should make her frequent walks around the floor a lot easier to manage. We can also finally give her a bath without worrying about getting her catheter connection wet (and exposed to bacteria in the water)--we can just tape it up inside the bib we use for baths.

Elisabeth and I will plan on hanging out here at home until mid-afternoon, when I hope we'll be going to pick both of them up and heading home together as a family.