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6/11/05 late

10:45 PM (Susan posting): Eileen's recent comment reminded me that, with everything that we have encountered over the last few days, the course of Sophie's treatment has apparently become routine. Sophie did get her scheduled chemo drugs yesterday. They began with a dose of zofran and dexamethazone (preventative anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory steroid), followed by vincristine (injected directly into her catheter) and methotrexate (pumped by IV over a half-hour). The dosage of the methotrexate was increased over the amount they gave her ten days ago. The only possible side effect we are seeing so far is a very irritated bum, which we are treating with a diaper rash ointment. Constipation (a normal side effect with vincristine) is definitely NOT a problem (if you get my drift).