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6/13/05 1:00

1:15 PM (Susan posting): The girls are both doing well today. Sophie is currently napping while Randall and Elisabeth run some errands and I try to stay on top of a few things at work (I'm definitely being selective about what really needs to be done this week and what can wait). Our big stress of the day is that we heard back from the car repair shop, and the estimate for fixing the car is nearly $5,000. Needless to say, we are now actively shopping for a replacement. It was nice not having car payments for a few months, but we're willing to trade that for having a reliable (and possibly more fuel-efficient) car. Tonight we'll drive our minivan and my friend's car up to Durham so we can get his car back to him, we'll clean out the Oldsmobile of our stuff, do a bit of car shopping, have dinner, and head back home. It should be a full evening.