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11:20 PM (Susan posting): I just realized that neither of us posted an update yet, so I figure I'd better check in real quick so no one thinks we're back in the hospital. Far from it, we're all doing very well. We enjoyed a visit this morning from my friend Heather, who used to work with me at RTI and moved to Virginia a while back. She was down visiting friends and made a special trip to see us and the girls. I really enjoyed catching up, and Sophie enjoyed showing off.

Once again, the weather has been great today, and we spent a fair amount of time outside after dinner. The highlight of the evening was when the girls were in the driveway, and a truck went by that honked his horn at them. This was no normal truck though. One of our neighbors down the road started a chicken business of some sort, and he has two bright red delivery trucks. Apparently, he had the truck outfitted with a customized horn, because when he honked, it sounded like a giant rooster. For those of you who have visited us, this is the guy who used to have a perpetual yard sale with a big sign informing potential customers that everything is "as is." The next thing we knew, there were no more yard sales, and the sign itself was for sale--"as is." No takers on the sign, but now there's a chicken coop behind the house and these two trucks. We've always thought the whole thing was rather curious, so to have him drive by and "crow" at us was quite hilarious!

Sophie has a new word in her vocabulary. Unfortunately, we have no idea what it means. If anyone can share any insight into what it means if something is "very imbustible" please let us know.