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9:00 PM (Randall posting): We've all had a good day today. Sophie has been running a low-grade temperature (99.5 or so) off and on all day today, but she hasn't been any worse for the wear. She continues to have very loose stools, which seems pretty unusual given that we should expect the opposite with all the vincristine she's been taking. There seem to have been no side effects of the PEG shots either, although we're curious to see if there is some delayed reaction to the shots that trigger her low blood sugar (it's a theory we're working on). The girls played really well together today as well.

The major accomplishments of our day today was arranging to donate the Oldsmobile to charity, getting the air conditioning in the minivan straightened out (thanks to our neighbor across the street) and having a younger friend of ours from church (Chris Brock) over to dinner. I also had a looooong conversation with our newly-assigned case manager from United Health Care (our insurance) and that really helped her (and me) get a sense of how our coverage is working out and what could be done to make it work better. Given the level of our reliance on insurance, it's nice to have somebody on their end working with us to keep everything straight.

Sophie's latest "thing" is to compliment everyone for everything. How you look, how nice you are, how tall you are, how well you eat, etc. She notices everything and compliments us on it (for example, "I like your arm" or "I like your hair"). It's sweet, but also kind of surprising when she turns to you at the dinner table and says, "You're a gooood eater!" Speaking of eating, her tastes are all over the place. Salt is always very popular (as in licking it off her hand), and today her food of choice was Lipton chicken noodle soup, although she does not like the chicken. I haven't checked, but I'll bet the sodium content of the soup is also pretty high. She refused milk this morning, saying, "It tastes funky to me." Go figure.


Great to hear that you've had some rather normal days lately. As normal as possible with children, as they are always learning and changing. It's hard to keep up the pace with them sometimes, but it sure is fun trying!! Our prayers are continually with your family, hope you have a great weekend. Hugs to Sophie and Elisabeth. A special hey from Madelyn, Sophie. Love and prayers Deanna