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5:15 PM (Susan posting): We're home! Leaving today was good timing. The weather yesterday was overcast, and overnight it got downright nasty. It rained hard all morning, and showed no signs of letting up over the next few days. So even if we culd have extended our vacation, we would have been stuck inside most of the time.

It was a long drive home, and we're all tired and cranky. We can't bear to get back to our normal routine, so instead of cooking dinner tonight, we're going out and will pick up a few groceries. Tomorrow, it's back to reality. The nurse (Amy) will be here in the morning to check Sophie's blood levels in preparation for Sophie's clinic visit on Friday.


Nice to hear that you had an enjoyable mini-vacation. Hope you can find some more time this summer just to spend together as a family. We all need to take every opportunity to enjoy the precious gifts God shares with us. My family plan to go to the mountains this weekend for a few days. We have attended a church conference/ camp meeting there since 1993 without missing a year yet and are looking forward to visiting with old friends and enjoying the presence of the Lord in the services. Love and Prayers are still flowing your way !!Deanna