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5:45 PM (Susan posting): We had a bit of a hectic morning, as Randall prepared to drive to Durham for a dental checkup, and we realized that Elisabeth was having ear pain and we made plans to take her to the doctor. I took her in to the urgent care place in Dunn, where we learned that she has an ear infection, and we got a prescription for amoxicillin. She continues to have pain and is starting to cough up the stuff that's draining.

We hadn't been back to the urgent care place since the day we took Sophie to find out why she had so many bruises. It brought up lots of emotions for me to be there again and to give the doctor an update on how Sophie has been doing. I was really touched by the concern he showed for Sophie. It was clear that she has been on his mind a lot, and that he truly cares about her progress. I gave him the address for the weblog so he could keep up with her here (hi Dr. Knott!).

Sophie has had two time-outs today, as we are working on her over-reactions. I think she's getting the message. She also had an accident (on our bed!) at the end of her nap today. It's always something!

Having grandpa and Donna here is very helpful, and Randall and I are looking forward to dinner out together. We've not been able to have the time together that we're used to, so this will be good for us!


Hi to your family,

We have been gone off and on for about three weeks and just today got a chance to catch up on your updates. I missed some so I hope that nothing unexpected happened in your life the past while.

Randall, I wonder if you are going to be appointed to a church out here somewhere (in NM, I mean)and when that might happen? Will you be ordained? with the UMC or some other denomination?

I am always glad to hear anything about your family and continue to hold you all in my prayers. It sounds as though you are continuing to carry on almost a normal life with your girls, including taking care of Sophie's special needs. Good for you!!! And, Randall and Susan, it is great that you are trying to find time just for the two of you to be together!

Love, Jan

I hope that Elisabeth is doing well today. It's good that she didn't have to fly with the earache though I suppose flying might have been what caused it to flare up?

I'm glad you were able to have a night out after days apart.

All my best,