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6:00 PM (Randall posting): It has been a rather productive day at home with Sophie and me all alone. Sophie has seemed slightly more irritable and tired today, but mostly she has seemed a little unsettled. I can't tell whether that's the drugs or the state of our family right now. For the most part, she has allowed me to make some headway on a variety of projects that have been for too long on the backburner (including my well-overdue paper from last semester, which is due by September 1).

I spoke with Susan earlier and she arrived safely in Seattle. Unfortunately she twisted her ankle and fell in the airport. I guess she fell pretty hard because she said that she had gotten pretty banged up--not too bad, I imagine, because she was going to continue with her meetings this afternoon. This will be a very, very busy work trip for her, so I hope she will be okay.

Elisabeth is having a blast at my mom's house. They've been swimming and shopping and to the movies and out to eat. I'm thankful that Elisabeth is getting some well-deserved undivided attention with Mom. Of course, she's going to be a total attitude case when she gets back!

Tonight is family night. I'm sure Sophie will enjoy herself. Her outgoing personality really shines at events like these. As an introvert, I always feel a little overwhelmed and uncomfortable in a crowd, but Sophie has no such qualms. She was like this before the leukemia, and I'm sure all the attention she gets now (and all the internal strength and will-to-live she's developing) will only further accentuate these positive traits. Look out world! Here comes Sophie!


Dear Partin Family,

It is such a privilege to be let into your lives via your reporting. You are prayed for and thought about MUCH out here in Colorado, specifically at Mt. View. Ann Langer just called and asked for your e-mail address, and I don't have one except yours, Randall, at Duke. Is that the one she should use? And I have had this web site for so long in our "Favorites" that I don't remember how I got it!!!

Blessings on you all.

Love, Jan