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8/17/05 PM

8:00 PM (Susan posting): It's been a LONG day. Our trip to the clinic went well. On the way there, she was upset that we weren't going to Grammy and Nannie's right away, and somehow she got an idea in her head about the clinic that we still don't understand. She said over and over, "I don't want to hold the pole for a long time." She was hooked up to an IV pole, but she certainly wasn't going to have to hold the pole, so I don't know what was in her little head, but she was very insistent about it. Once she was hooked up, she never said another word about it. We arrived at the clinic at 9:30 and left around noon. She had gained 2 pounds over the last five days. Her blood pressure was fairly high, but they're going to wait another week to see whether to prescribe Lasix. Since she is doing so well with potty training and she's on so many medicines right now, they agreed that we should not give her extra stuff unless she really needs it. She pretty much spent the whole time in my lap and flew off the handle at any little thing that didn't go the way she expected.

We had to make several potty stops on the way to Virginia, and it felt like a very long drive. Both girls napped (but not at the same time). We were so happy to get here this afternoon. Both girls are having a great time, and Sophie's been in a terrific mood. Her new food obsession is mashed potatoes. Luckily, mom had a few boiled potatoes leftover in the fridge that I mashed with some milk. We'll be taking a trip to the store tomorrow to get some more.

Randall and I are looking forward to some uninterrupted sleep tonight. We sleep upstairs in the attic (and we get there by stairs outside the house), and mom will be sleeping downstairs with the girls. She said she didn't mind taking care of Sophie during the night to give us a break. We'll try to pre-cook as many things as possible so she can just heat them up in the microwave. I hope it goes well tonight. Honestly, it's like having a newborn again, except she cries a lot louder.


So glad to hear you arrived safe. I know from experience with 3 girls of our own that a trip can be very trying. Your trip sounds alot like ours. I pray for peace and quiet, little arguing and disagreements, although sometimes it just don't happen. But these are the parenting years I am told. HA HA. I hope we have a little sanity left so when they are older we can enjoy the great times and trials we made it thru. And can still have time for more. Hope you all enjoy this much needed rest and visit. Take advantage of the offer to watch the girls, we all need a breather occassionally. Love and prayers Deanna