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9:45 PM: It was a pretty good day today. Elisabeth rode the bus to school (it's a good sign that she didn't miss the bus on the first day of school). She was very excited, although we were both annoyed that a pig truck drove by while we waited for the bus to come (I don't know if you've ever been near a pig truck, but pigs stink, and that many pigs stink even more). Last year, it seemed like a pig truck drove by every morning while we waited for a bus, and I guess this year will bring more of the same!

Sophie had a pretty good night. She was up around midnight I think (Randall was up with her, so I'm not sure what time it was). Then I was up with her at 2:00 and 3:00. She was up again at 6:45, when we all needed to get up anyhow. She's been so sweet and polite today. She asks for things very nicely, and is always thankful for what we give her. Today she said, "These spaghettios are quite good!" She took two naps today, but went back to bed for short rests quite a few times. She actually watched TV two or three times, but I don't think she ever got through a whole show. Foods of choice today: cheetos and crackers appetizer while we heat up the main course, yogurt (or as Randall puts it, go-gurt yogurt, yogurt yogurt, or Dora yogurt), curly pasta with butter and cheese, cheese grits, Clifford soup, spaghettios, mashed potatoes, and refried black beans (that was new today--thank goodness we had some). We pretty much have an assembly line of food that we keep cooked and ready to reheat at a moment's notice.

Randall went to campus today to meet with one of his professors and came home mid-afternoon. Then I drove to Durham for a dental appointment to get my permanent crown put on. I ran a few errands to kill time while I waited for traffic to die down and got home just as the girls were getting ready to take baths. They were both so happy to see me, especially Sophie. She's quite a mama's girl (which is fine with me--it's nice to be so loved).


OK-somewhere along the way I missed something-what is Clifford soup? Glad to hear you're keeping up with the bottomless pit-could be worse I suppose-she could be a teenage boy on steroids!
Had a version of your breakfast sandwhich which I found on your recipe sight about a year ago and have been eating ever since-very yummy! I think of you all every time I get the Knudsens cottage cheese out of the fridge.
Best of luck to Elisabeth in her new school year-sorry about the pigs!