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11:30 AM (Susan posting): Elisabeth has safely arrived in Tennessee, where she will stay until next Saturday. She didn't cry when I dropped her off at the airport. I didn't cry either until I got some bad news on the way home. Randall had checked the web site of Macie McCloud (the baby we mentioned last week who has AML and was struggling) and found out that she died yesterday. We're just heartbroken to hear this news, and of course, it's easy for us to empathize with what they must be going through. Macie had been doing very well with her treatments, and then an uncontrollable infection took her. That's just scary and incredibly sad. Please pray for Macie's family as they go through this unimaginably difficult time.


Sometimes there are just no words. My heart breaks for Macie and for her family and also for the pain I know this must bring to your family as well. Even though I don’t understand prayer and am often plagued with the most cynical of thoughts in regard to spirituality and God and everything theological---I continue to find inspiration in your family’s quiet faith and strength. Sophie is very lucky to be surrounded by such a loving family. May God bless you all and keep you in his loving embrace.
Polly Wickstrom
P.S. The picture of Susan and Sophie at the clinic was beautiful. Sophie is obviously a real fighter. Go, Sophie!

I am so sorry to hear about Macie. Our love and thoughts will be with her family.

I took Mother for a ride yesterday -- It was so nice to be out and seeing things. We weren't sure where we were for a while, but we eventually found ourselves. And then we had a good rain.

I went garage saling in the morning -- It had been a while since I'd been, so it was a real treat for me -- and very successful!

I'm glad E;lisabeth left without crying and arrived safely. I bet she is having such a good time.

Hugs and kisses to all.