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9:15 PM Today has been a very full day. I guess "the day after" is almost always like that. Today we all fell back into our normal routine, after all the traveling we did this past weekend. Not surprisingly, we all overslept this morning. Actually, the volume on the alarm clock was turned down all the way, so when I opened my eyes at 7:18 and saw daylight, I knew something had gone wrong. Susan and I hopped out of bed and got Elisabeth dressed and ready for school in record time. I had a meeting this morning for a school project, and Susan worked from home today.

Sophie seems to be doing really well. She has a couple of bruises (one on her heel, one on her elbow and one small one on her forehead), which probably means her platelets are getting low. Other than that, she seems fine. Her appetite is picking back up a little bit, and she has tons of energy. She got up after we did this morning, which is probably due more to all the traveling yesterday than anything else, but we'll keep our eyes on her tomorrow.

Tonight we all went to Pizza Hut for dinner and took Elisabeth to dance class. She was so excited (quite a turnaround from last week!). While Elisabeth was in class, the rest of us did a quick WalMart run and bought some mums at Lowe's. The air was cooler today than it has been in months, so hopefully fall is not too far off. On the way home Sophie and Elisabeth were giggling and acting up and then Sophie started singing a song. A completely made-up song. I don't even remember the tune or the words, but it had something to do with "being with you when you're scared" or some such thing. When Elisabeth asked, "Where is that song from?" Sophie answered back "It's from my heart."


What a big heart our Sophie has! We enjoyed your visit so much. The only thing that would have made it better was to have the "Daddy", as Mother said, and Elisabeth with us. She asked several times when they were coming.

She has been very quiet and a little disoriented today, and has slept a lot. We had a good bath this morning, and if we are strong enough, we are going to wash her hair at the sink tomorrow.

I interviewed one person today, whom I liked a lot. I have an interview tomorrow and then will pick one of the two. It will be so great to be back at work.

Thank you, thank you, for your visit!

Hugs and kisses to all.

After all the wondering and doubting ourselves as good,positive parents it is sweet comments as Sophie made about "in my heart" that reassures us that we are surely doing something right. You guys are admired by many of us and are in our thoughts and prayers often. Love and prayers,Deanna