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10:45 PM: Was today Saturday? I suppose it was, though I ended up putting in 6 hours on that report I've been working on. The girls seemed to have a pretty good day, and Randall managed to get some reading done too. Our major accomplishment of the day was cleaning up Elisabeth's room, including her bunk bed. The sheets in the top bunk were so covered with cat hair, you could hardly see them. Not only did Randall strip everything out of the top bunk, he took down the "tent" that surrounded the bottom bunk, and now it's so much brighter in her room. The girls and I also walked across the road to visit our neighbors, who were having a yard sale. Elisabeth got some clothes and is thrilled with them. She also took her birthday money and bought herself a Strawberry Shortcake doll. I took the opportunity to remind her that we didn't get a single thing for Sophie, so she should remember that the next time she says Sophie "always" gets things that she doesn't get.

Sophie is doing well today. No more nausea, and plenty of energy. Her biggest trauma of the day was that I removed the bandaid from her peg shot (what was that, two and half weeks ago?). I pulled it off without warning because I tought it was time. She disagreed. Loudly. We compromised. I cleaned it up (removed the remaining adhesive, followed by alcohol), and put on a new bandaid.

Her one remaining long hair is still attached, and there's lots of new growth. I didn't get a chance to get more recent pictures uploaded today, but I really hope to do that soon. I looked at the pictures we posted last month, and I was surprised to see how big she still looked in them. She's much thinner now. I don't know if she'll ever get back down to her pre-steroids weight (29 pounds), but she weighed 33 pounds at her last clinic visit, and she seems to be losing about a pound a week.