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8:00 PM: Sophie and I were on our own all day today. Elisabeth went to school, and Randall left for his classes around 9:00. We gave Shatesha the day off because there was a possibility we would be at the clinic today. Sophie was content to play and watch TV (more of the latter than the former, I'm afraid) while I worked. It was a pretty productive day. Sophie slept soundly during her nap, and I had to wake her up at 4:30 to go get Elisabeth for dance class. We ate at Sonic (the girls had a picnic in the back of the minivan), and Sophie and I hung out in the minivan while Elisabeth was in class. Of course, Sophie had to go potty twice while we there (which sort of defeated the purpose of staying in the minivan), but we went in and got out quickly, armed with hand sanitizer. As I write this, Elisabeth is practicing piano (supposedly), Sophie is playing quietly in her room, and Randall is on his way home.

I tried calling Nannie's hospital room several times today and didn't get an answer from Mom, so I called one of the neighbors, who reported that they would be running tests today and that she might be released as soon as tomorrow. I hope they have a good night.