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9:15 PM Sophie woke up at 2:30 this morning and although I managed to get her back in her own bed by laying down with her, she was fidgety and restless for hours. At one point she decided that she needed to go to the bathroom and she seemed fine after that. Maybe she just had a full bladder. Susan left early for work this morning, and I managed to get Elisabeth up and out the door in reasonable time. I had a full morning of visitations while Sophie entertained Shatesha (I think it works that way rather than the other way around). In spite of having a rough night, Sophie has been a burst of energy all day--running around the house at top speed. This afternoon, I took her with me to visit with Sylvia from church (hi, Sylvia!). Sophie enjoyed her visit there, mostly because Sylvia has a grandson about Sophie's age and keeps some of his toys out. Afterwards we came home and Sophie crashed (I had to wake her up to pick up Elisabeth at after school care). I took that quiet time to get prepared for worship on Sunday, although the sermon is only halfway done!

One slightly funny thing that I'd like to share is that while we were on our way to Sylvia's house, Sophie told me to be on the lookout for pumpkins (that is how we pass the time in the car these days). The cutest thing was that she went on to say, "they're round and they're orange" (as if I needed help identifying pumpkins!). Our excitement for the evening has been that I went to the building and finally got out our fall decorations. Susan and the girls went through the box tonight.

Since we had the problem with a clot in Sophie's line last month, whenever we administer saline and heparine (three times a week), we're always sure to draw back a little blood in the saline, just to be sure that we're getting flow in both directions. Tonight, there was no drawback. The saline went in, but I could not draw out any blood from the line. We called UNC and the doctor on call suggested that we just wait until Monday to see if nurse Amy has any problems with it then (we're getting another complete blood count on Monday). If there is still a clot, we may need to go the ER and get some TPA administered. That worked really well last time, although given our frustrations with Betsy Johnson, we may go somewhere else to have it done.