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9:15 PM Today has been a good day. Sophie had lots of energy and was very pleasant to be around. Nurse Amy came today to do a blood draw and that went very well. Sophie was very affectionate with Amy, giving her a hug and telling her that she loves her. It was very touching, especially since we may not have to see Amy again, at least not professionally (we see her out and about in the community and at school on occasion). Sophie's counts came back late this afternoon and they are all really quite good. Her ANC (what we look at to see how her immune system is holding up) is well within the normal range for a person not receiving chemotherapy. The reality of putting Sophie in daycare (while a romantic fantasy at some point in this past year) is becoming a bit of a challenge. After spending so much time with her, and keeping her "safe" at home for so long, sending her off to a group environment seems a bit scary. I know that she will just love all the excitement and stimulation of going back to her friends, but it's going to be hard to not have her at home! This is one of those times where praying for wisdom and courage seem appropriate.

Elisabeth had a good day at school (although she tried very hard to convince me this morning that there was no school today--that was a new one). Last week was a short week, and with Thanksgiving coming up, next week will be short as well, so getting through five days of school will be a challenge for all of us. Almost every day, I ask Elisabeth what the best and worst part of her day at school was. Today, when I asked what the worst part of the day was, she immediately said, "Nothing." Sounds like a good day to me!