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9:00 PM: It was wonderful and a little sad to be at home alone this morning. Elisabeth and Randall went to school, and when I dropped Sophie off at Countryside, she jumped right in. I decided not to work for most of today and took the opportunity while I was at home alone to prepare some things for a church event tomorrow. Sophie did great this morning. Cindy said she had a great time and never seemed upset about being there. When I got there to pick her up at noon, the kids were already down for their naps, and Sophie was sitting at the little table looking at books, happy as can be. She chattered away all the way home, telling me all about who she saw and what she ate. Once again, the best part of her day was "seeing all my friends." She took a good nap at home. She says she would like to stay for the whole day tomorrow, so we'll give it a try. I'm glad it's working out well.

I spoke with the insurance adjustor today about my accident. She said I did the right thing by bringing it to their attention, but now that they know about it, it may result in a rate increase. Basically, even though there was nothing I could do to avoid hitting that stop sign (and I was not cited by the officer), the insurance company is classifying it as an "at-fault" accident. So even if we do not file a claim, the incident will be reviewed when our policy is up for renewal, and our rates may go up. If we do choose to pay for the damages ourselves (we've received one estimate of about $850) and don't file a claim, they would probably take that into consideration. I felt that I pretty much had to report the accident to them, because the officer took my insurance information, and if there's damage to the stop sign, the county might make a claim to the insurance company, and then I'd probably be in even more trouble for not having reported it myself. Oh well, we'll see what happens.

If you're in the area, please consider coming to our church's annual Bazaar tomorrow (Friday, 11/18) night. We'll have a plate sale (dinner for $5) and a silent auction. Randall and I were able to get some local businesses to donate gift certificates, and people have already brought some really nice items for us to sell. I'm looking forward to it!


What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing - Sophie is back at school!!! I can't tell you how happy I was to see her there this morning.

Maybe this is the beginning of life back to normal for you all.

As always Sophie continues to be in our prayers.

Kim Schmidlin

I am so glad that Sophie is enjoying being back at Countryside. Sara Katherine is still in the 2 year old room but will be in Ms. Cindy's class in about a month or less. She told me she saw Sophie at school on the playground the other day and said I love her. I thought that was so sweet!! Glad Sophie is adjusting and I know she loves being around all the other children. Good Luck with the Bazaar and hope everyone has a good weekend.

I am so glad Sophie was able to return to daycare! I know she was very excited and can't wait to ask her about it tonight!